Send mass notifications and communicate with 9-1-1 at the press of a button.


What PREPARED Offers

Instantaneous Response

With the press of a button, administrators can alert the entire campus in the midst of an extreme event. They will also be able to send live updates to the entire campus, like lockdown or evacuation orders.

Streamline to Authorities

PREPARED will streamline communications with 9-1-1 so that they can respond immediately and ultimately save lives.

Decentralized Security

PREPARED is placed into multiple trusted hands, making it completely decentralized.

Customization Abilities

PREPARED is not one-size-fits-all like similar apps—the app is built to fit the needs of schools on an individual basis.

  • 1
    Login Page

    Download the app and log in with your email. PREPARED handles everything else.

  • 2
    Teacher Report Page

    Teachers can report active shooters, alert medical staff, report fires, and more.

  • 3
    Administrator Action Page

    Administrators can initiate lockdowns, evacuations, and other emergency procedures.

  • 4
    Administrator Response Page

    Administrators also have a separate page with a stream of live notifications showing what teachers report, which they can immediately respond to.


Frequently Asked Questions

How do I bring PREPARED to my school/district?

Fill out the contact form below, and we will have our nearest Invictus Apps representative contact you for more information.

Is each button connected to 9-1-1?

No. By default, only the Active Shooter button will be connected to 9-1-1 upon being pressed. However, we will work with your school/district to find the right configuration to fit your needs.

Who can initiate alerts?

We offer a system that puts the app in the hands of trusted faculty and staff. The app can also be extended to trust students with the ability to report suspicious behavior and/or emergencies. This can be tailor made to your school/district's needs.

How do the buttons work?

First, you must hold down the appropriate button for 3 seconds as a safety measure designed to ensure that you intended to press it. Next, you confirm your report, and you will be prompted for optional additional information to send along with your emergency report.

How do you keep track of who pressed the button?

Each user of the app must log in with an email which uniquely identifies them. Administrators then can see who sends each emergency report to them based upon their account.

How do student, teacher, and administrator accounts differ?

By default, students can only see announcements and emergency situations that administrators send them. Teachers have the ability to initiate reports which are sent to administrators for further action, and emergency services in certain situations. Administrators have the ability to send school-wide notifications, such as sending the school into lockdown.