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Communicate with people on your campus and first responders during an emergency with the push of a button.

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How The App Works

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Report emergencies in seconds.


Respond to emergencies in seconds.

District Administrators

Manage emergencies throughout your district.

First Responders

Receive live emergency notifications and analytics.

Built with First Responders, for First Responders

Desktop Application

Live Updates

Monitor your community in real-time. View a heat-map of people reporting emergencies, requesting help, and letting you know that they're safe.

Live Updates on the Desktop App

Make Your Schools Safer, Today

Be Prepared

Know that help is just seconds away at all times. Simple and quick—Prepared’s emergency buttons ensure that threats are communicated to first responders so that they can get on the scene faster to help you and others in need. You have the ability to send mass notifications with predetermined templates and call 911 all within seconds. With in-app chat, you can quickly contact individuals.

Be Prepared

Feel In Touch

Be on the same page with people on your campus, throughout your district, and first responders throughout the entire emergency. Send critical information to police, request for first-aid help, let everyone know that you are safe, and more all within the app. With a wide range of integrations, like digital signage, and constant updates to your announcements tab, you will receive critical information from the start of the emergency to end.

Keep everyone in the loop

Know For Sure

Avoid false emergency alarms and calls to 911. With emergency confirmation procedures, you can avoid wasting first responders' precious time and spending unnecessary budget funds on 911 calls. Pocket pushes are eliminated with our vibrating buttons. Our in-app “drill mode” makes it simple and easy for your schools to run through a drill. For emergencies that do not require 911 assistance, we make it simple for you to contact specific staff groups, like school nurses.

Stay in the know

Champion Safety

Empower your community and be a safety leader. Technology has changed, and school safety must change with it. You can lead this change with Prepared, showing your community that safety should be a top priority. Students, faculty, and staff shouldn’t have to go to school in fear. Champion the next generation of school safety.

Stay in the know

Get Compliant

Save your schools' time and money. With solutions like Prepared, you can lower your insurance costs by enhancing your emergency action plan. By being proactive with school safety, you can avoid time-consuming audits with government agencies. We also provide post-event emergency analytics, so that you don’t have to spend hours filling out forms after an emergency.

Stay in the know

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The Prepared Difference

Unlike other school safety providers, we stay with you beyond implementation. An emergency can happen at any moment, so we provide our schools with continuous and comprehensive safety education, schedule regular emergency drills, and offer 24/7 safety support. Transform your safety today.